iCarly Star Gets Fucked In The Ass!

As soon as iCarly star, Miranda Cosgrove turned 18, she wasted no time throwing her gloves in the ring of child stars debauchery. In an act of sheer dominance, the recently legal starlet walked off the set of iCarly and refused to return until two keygrips came to see her in her dressing room, where she proceeded to fuck them. She fucked the first one and then guzzled his hot load of cum. Then the second keygrip fucked her in the ass so hard, half the cum from the first keygrip spilled out of her oversized mouth. Man, Hollywood is crazy.

Charlotte Church Singing For Her Supper

Here's England's favorite operatic superstar, Charlotte Church singing for her supper. No matter how much cum the diva guzzles before each show, she always is able to perform. After all, the show must go on. And what does Charlotte Church's contract stipulate she has after each show, well, more hot cum of course. Everyone's always so concerned about her fluctuating weight. If they really wanted to do something about it, they try to ween her off the cock.

Ann Margret Sure Knew How To Make Elvis Jealous

Ann Margret sure knew how to make Elvis Presley jealous. If there was one thing that really used to piss him off is when his wives/girlfriends/etc. fucked black guys. As if that was bad enough, Ann Margret would even let them cum in her hair or her mouth, an honor usually reserved for the King himself. Ann Margret was pretty bad-ass.

Rose Byrne Getting Some Lip Service

Up and coming actress, Rose Byrne, is finally getting a chance to turn the table on Hollywood. After years of fucking her way to the top, it appears she's finally made it. And what does she do? Well, naturally, she marches her newest co-star to the backyard and proceeds to force him to give her lip service. But it appears, in all her travels, she's developed a taste for come, as seen here, after sucking her co-star dry.

Lindsay Lohan Fucking Up Again

I don't know what it is about Lindsay Lohan, but she just can't seem to stay out of trouble. Here she is fucking some guy to get yet another fix, with her newest vice: eating sperm. When will she ever learn. All the talent in the world, and now she's reduced to this!

Ziva David's Bullying Men With Her Tight Pussy

When she isn't solving crimes, Ziva David pretty much just fucks anything that move. As you can see, one of her favorite things to do is find unsuspecting men and force them to drill her tight pussy. Her second favorite thing to do would have to be eating cum.

Taylor Swift Riding Some Guy

Taylor Swift is so hot right now, it's ridiculous. But not so hot that she hasn't forgot the smaller things in life, like fucking random dudes and eating come. She's so well-rounded. Gotta hand it to her.